The Life & Inevitable Destruction of Adobe Flash Games

Adobe Flash Games

In 1992 FutureWave started a movement with a new technology. In 1996 it changed hands and was renamed to Flash by Macromedia. Adobe then bought out Macromedia in 2005 and kept the name flash. From then on it was all over the place. Until finally in 2020 Flash is coming to an end.


In 1992 FutureWave developed a new and unique technology they called it, “SmartSketch.” This was the precursor to what will be known as flash. At the time, developers were busy creating games for consoles, and didn’t really have a need for web browser games. Which left FutureWave stuck in the future with technology that wasn’t exactly time ready. For that they needed the internet to catch up, but it caught up slowly, and the company was on the verge of dropping the software all together in 1996 until Macromedia came and bought the software from them. If they would have waited 3 more years, flash may still be called “SmartSketch,” but it’s called flash today. This was the futuristic technology that was just developed too soon. 


Macromedia then took the reins of the technology that was then called SmartSketch and adapted it to their company. After changing the software called SmartSketch, they finally created what we know today as flash. They talked vigorously to many game companies and developers about creating web games that run on “Flash,” and after a while and trials and errors, flash games were born. They added to this success in the early 2000s, and got to sites now known as the godfathers, O.G.’s, and founders of the modern-day flash games sites. While Macromedia had great success with flash, they were to big for themselves, and finally conceded to Adobe who offered them $3.4 Billion for the entire company in 2005. 


When Adobe bought out Macromedia for a massive amount, they started the era of Adobe Flash which has had great success since 2005. They have wormed their way into every site that has games. They have become the mobsters of flash gaming. Offering a download to bypass the game downloads and save space on the PC is how they remained on top.

Adobe Flash Everywhere

Adobe has made deals with all the flash game sites and continued all over the internet. Today you can find Adobe flash on many sites including; Facebook, Addicting Games, New Grounds, Miniclip, A Games, and many more sites. Since paying 3.4 Billion dollars for Macromedia, they have more than made up for the profits when they are virtually everywhere. 

The Demise of Flash

Flash with many inconsistencies, and a lack of user protection had finally conceded in 2019 swearing and signing a contract to dissolve flash in 2020. So there will be no more flash games in 2020. Adobe has made millions if not billions of dollars every year with this product and have more than enough to be able to discontinue flash. However, this leaves a gap for online gamers. What happens next? Who will step up and take the reins? Will online games be abolished? Well, they won’t be abolished, but they may either require a browser download or someone else will come into the picture and pick up where flash left off.