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Accessibility to the browser video game is going to change come 2020. Even though they had versatility being able to be played on multiple devices Adobe is going to stop supporting Flash player and this will include Flash games and so the access to play these games will go away via Flash player.

Even though Adobe is not the only supporter of Flash games it is predicted that other companies will follow by not allowing Flash. For some companies, this is old news they have switched to HTML 5 for their products to be used. Other companies have begun transferring their programs from Flash dependent to HTML 5 in anticipation of the change.

Ultimately the goal was to make HTML 5 the choice for audio, video, and games. Reasons for getting rid of the Flash player has been a long time coming, from its inception it has always seem to have bugs. In more recent years as our technology has grown both the performance and security of Flash has just not measured up. 

There are many reasons why the need to switch HTML 5 is beneficial, the most important is that it is more mobile-friendly, as the public leaves their desktop use for their mobile device, programs are needing to be able to keep up and HTML 5 accomplishes this. Included benefits are also cross-browser compatibility. The switch to HTML 5 affects a lot of websites and their content, not just gaming sites, so as a whole it can be seen as a great step in the right direction.

Nothing is without some bugs but HTML 5 so far is keeping up with most website needs. This change, however, will no doubt leave some websites behind. Popular sites like Kongregate have not made the switch but have kept up to date information on how you can still play on their website at least until Flash is gone in 2020. An individual not wanting to let go of these classic games has started working on preserving them in a program called “Flashpoint” where you can gain access to a lot of these games and play.

This program only covers about 850 games which seems like a lot until you remember that there are thousands of games out there that may be lost forever when the 2020 change comes. Some people are helping by making it possible for those who are interested to download the Flash Games that they love to their computer so they can be played offline. As well as some games can be converted to HTML 5. The lovers of these games are not letting go of them without a fight.