About Flash Games and When They Started

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In the early 21st century flash games have been easy to find. With a numerous amount of sites to explore and find them on, its no wonder people loved them. They are free to play, and fun to boot. They have had little competition since 1996 and remained on top until now!

Flash games have been easy to find in the 21st century. They have been around since 1996 and have been pretty easy to find. They are on all the game sites we love, and all around the internet. It’s easier to find on a web browser simply because flash runs on web browser and is not notoriously huge with mobile. 

There are so many sites dedicated to just flash games. Like the O.G.’s or founders of newrgounds.com and addictinggames.com. They are everywhere from Facebook to casino gambling. There are so many sites that have nothing but games for flash. Games sites like; agames.com, kongregate.com, flash-game.net, miniclip.com, and many more. There is enough out there to make the gaming community to play them endlessly.

The best part about games that run on flash is that they’re completely free to use. I mean you have to click through adds, but that’s a small price to pay for unlimited free gaming. Their games aren’t genre specific, so it makes it super easy to find a game that you’ll love. 

Adobe Flash has been on top since 2005, however, you also need to take into account the godfather of flash who is Macromedia. Macromedia kept flash running for 9 years until they sold it to adobe who ran with it. They are now forced to shut down their flash program in 2020, so games that run on flash will no longer be a thing going forward. However, those games will still be out there, but adobe won’t be offering it’s download any longer.