Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy And Watergirl is an awesome game about two character that have to work together, and support each other’s strengths in order to make way through their adventures. The two must work together to pass certain obstacles that correspond to their element. Watergirl has the ability to interact with Water obstacles, and Fireboy can interact with obstacles that have to do with Fire. This makes for a unique gaming experience as it enables a single player to think of ways to execute a puzzle with two separate playable characters at the same time.

The game opens up with the option to select multiple chapters, that chronicle the different adventures that you will take the duo through during your gameplay. The first adventure starts with a very effective tutorial that explains the different mechanics of the game and allows you to dip your toes in the water (if you use Watergirl) so to speak. And, you must make your way to the end of each level, at which point the character will travel through their respective doors to continue onward in their adventures.  

Fireboy and Watergirl will test your abilities each level with a variety of mechanics that you can interact with. Such as a lever that will activate different platforms, or a button that you have to leave a character on top of in order to keep a platform down. Also, there are some obstacles that neither character can touch, the green goo. If you lose either one of the character, then you have to go back to the beginning in order to attempt the level again.

One aspect of the game that is very interesting, is the ability to play with TWO people at the same time. You control the character through the standard WASD keys, and the arrow keys on your keyboard. This creates the option to play through the game solo, where you have to meticulously plan your moves. Or, you can play with your friends or family in order to conquer the levels as a team!

All in all, Fireboy And Watergirl is at least worth a shot, especially seeing as it is free! This game is a very pleasant experience, and I highly recommend it to anybody who has a love of puzzle games in any capacity. And, you can spend some time enjoying it with your loved ones. Or, work as a lone wolf to plan your way through the levels, and take slow steps to figure it out with both characters at your command. Your patience will be tested, and you have to think your way through each of the levels, which is a breath of fresh from the normal walking simulators you will encounter in many games these days. Loved this game, check it out!

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